Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a great way to grab your customer’s attention and get them to understand exactly what you are offering. Whilst video itself is not new, it’s application for business is transforming in a big way, posing new opportunities for marketers. Consumer appetite for video is only going to increase. According to several sources, a website with video is 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results. That can have a significant impact on your business.

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Video Strategy

We can help you create and manage your video channel, as well as translate the message into many different languages so that your business can reach a wider audience. Unlike traditional media, a return on investment can be gauged when using platforms like YouTube and Facebook Video. Studies have shown that video not only helps you convert more customers to purchase, but it also makes it easier for people to find you online.

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Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality allow for total immersion in virtual or augmented environments. We make bespoke interactive VR and AR solutions for business, from augmented reality phone apps to full virtual environments to be explored with a headset. In this new frontier, your viewers aren’t just being shown something, they are experiencing it for themselves.

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MakinMediaMobile are an Explainer Video studio based in Athlone, Co. Westmeath. We focus on creating and developing Explainer Video strategies for innovative businesses. Our primary objective is to help businesses use live action and/or animation video as a resource in order to deliver their message to wider audiences. Our goal is to help companies engage with their customers and to help them increase sales through a media channel that best suits their needs.


Our ability to deliver high quality video productions stems from experience, creativity and an organisational ethos for perfection. Our capabilities extend beyond the video capture. We create the storyboards, add the voice over & music. Graphics and special effects are also well within our remit. Unlike our competitors in the video production space, it’s not the expensive equipment that matters. It is an ability to tell stories that connect with your targeted audience.



  • Having seen a short video produced by MakinMediaMobile, we approached them to produce a corporate video that could be used internally to launch a new strategy, but could also be re-cut for use in our external marketing. The professionalism, flexibility, experience and direction shown by the MakinMediaMobile team was exceptional and we were delighted to be able to use a local Irish company to produce two videos of such high quality. I would not hesitate in recommending them.

    Nicola Woods

    Business Manager to CEOEricsson

    Nicola Woods
  • ‘KegTraQR’ was developed as a result our own experience misplacing kegs over the years, this solution seemed extremely obvious and simple to our management. However once it was ready for launch the concept flow charts and Powerpoint created for the customer and suppliers were not “getting it” the offer much less their role in it’s use nor thereby the benefits. We were floundering, then we consulted MakinMediaMobile who were extremely thorough yet quick to identify the key benefits for each stakeholder. In a very short time we had the first ‘Supply Inbound’ 120 second video that was entertaining and everybody “got it” to a point where the conversation could move on to the next step on all levels.

    Dane Gillett

    COOIkon Europubs

    Dane Gillett
  • As a start-up company we faced the challenge of building brand awareness and relaying a simple yet clear message to our target market. With the proliferation of video as a means to promote services, we were delighted to find a company extremely skilled in crafting the required message through video. MMM's skills lie not only in their level of technical ability but in their capacity to understand the requirement and then structure the message for ultimate effect. As a very satisfied customer I advise any company considering video for brand and service promotion to challenge MMM and enjoy the results.

    Keith Harrington


    Keith Harrington
  • We were interested in creating a simple and clear explanation of what our innovative technology can achieve. An animation that we could educate our target audience with, while helping us to build brand awareness. MakinMediaMobile have a great ability to grasp the concept, understand the requirements and deliver a piece that will engage and delight. We're very happy with the end result and impressed with the meticulous hard work that went into making it. We would be happy to recommend MakinMediaMobile to any company interested in reaping the benefits of video promotion.

    Adam Shanley

    Marketing ManagerOxyMem

    Adam Shanley

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