Why you need explainer videos

People don’t like to read from the internet. They want to watch. Explainer videos condense textual information into an audio-visual form that is entertaining and educational for the viewer. People would rather watch a 90 second video explaining what a company does than read a whole load of text! Here at MakinMediaMobile, we create videos that explain what businesses do in an entertaining an informative fashion.


90% percentage of online shoppers at a major retailer’s website said they find video helpful in making shopping and buying decisions. VideoBrewery

What explainer videos can do



The current average attention span of a person is 8 seconds, which means you have less than 8 seconds to capture your potential customer’s attention



With a well made explainer video, you can maintain attention every 8 seconds (every 20 words). The average view duration per explainer video is 2.7 minutes.



Only 28% of written website text is read on average.

Benefits of explainer videos


Using explainer videos is a great way to launch a new product or service. You can market using video advertising globally. When done correctly, people will understand completely what your product is.


Your business is not always easy to understand. even you might have difficulty in explaining that you offer. By condensing all the elements of what it is you need explained into 90 seconds or less, people will be able to understand.


Having a video on YouTube is a great way to drive traffic to your own website. The more times it is shared, the more likely people will visit your website to find out more about your business, thus creating inbound marketing.


A technique used to ‘optimise’ the best keywords suitable for your business. SEO increases the likelihood of ranking high in search engine results. This can potentially help drive more customers to your business.

Types of Explainer Videos

2D Animation

explainer videos - 2d animation

€35 per hour

High end 2D

explainer videos - high end 2d animation

€45 per hour

3D Animation

explainer videos -3d

€60 per hour

Live Action

explainer videos - live-action

€50 per hour


explainer videos - testimonials

€50 per hour


explainer videos - stop-motion

€50 per hour


explainer videos - Typography

€40 per hour


explainer videos - infographic

€40 per hour


explainer videos - user interfaces

€40 per hour

Our Process

We have a highly creative team onboard to ensure that you receive  professional explainer videos to highlight your business. We endeavour to educate and entertain your target audience by getting your message across quickly and effectively.









Firstly, we will meet with the client and see what message they wish to convey to their target market. It is agreed with the client if they want a live action or animated video produced or  combination of both. A storyboard and script are put together and sent to the client for approval. At every stage of the production process we continue to communicate with our clients until the finished product meets their satisfaction.

By using a combination of Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Illustrator and Photoshop, every production is finished to perfection. We then meet with the client and make adjustments if needed.


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